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South Eastern Fabricare Association
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SEFA Hosts "Cleaning Up Contamination" Workshop

SEFA is partnering with Enviroforensics to host a free workshop on “Cleaning Up Contamination”.  

The program will be held on Saturday, July 20, from 1:00 - 3:00 at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN.   The program is free for anyone who registers prior to July 15th.  There is a nominal $25/person fee for anyone not pre-registered.

Jeff Carnahan and John Neu of EnviroForensics will discuss what to expect in a dry cleaner’s environmental cleanup, emerging issues, available funding opportunities, and how to get yourself in the driver’s seat.

“This is a proverbial road map for drycleaners,” offered presenter John Neu, “to address their environmental issues while minimizing their out of pocket expenses.  This critical information is for all drycleaners, not just perc plants.  This is vital information to understand when in this industry.”

This workshop will explore:

  • How environmental cleanups are triggered, what you can expect during the cleanup process, and emerging issues that need to be addressed
  • How you can use historical insurance policies to help pay for environmental cleanups
  • How you protect yourself and others from environmental liability when you are ready to retire or sell your business
  • Tips on how to get started, and where to begin

This presentation will provide a clear understanding of the multi-disciplined approach necessary to address environmental contamination, clear next steps, and an opportunity to ask questions and explore your own unique situations.



SEFA In the Field
When SEFA has Educational programming in an area, it also takes the opportunity to visit members, former members, and prospective members whenever possible.  SEFA Executive Director was able to spend a couple days visiting members in the Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, and Ft. Myers area in January.

“In the 3 days,” commented Blake, “I was able to visit 25 businesses and discuss what is happening on the industry.  I was able to discuss the changes both SEFA and DLI have undertaken, as well as highlight some of the programs we have to offer.  Through these visits, I welcomed back 3 members, and upgraded one membership.”

Some of the key programs people wanted to learn more about included:

  • SEFA In-Plant Training & Scholarships
  • Effortless Social Media
  • Education Classes & Workshops
  • Ways to increase sales & marketing

“Visiting plants in different areas of the country is one of the best parts of my job,” continued Blake.  “It gives me a chance to learn what programs are having the best impact on our members, as well as what programs aren’t being used and why.  It also gives me the opportunity to tell people they are not alone in their struggles.  When our members are struggling, they sometimes feel it is just them, but it is not.  There are companies struggling throughout the country -- but I can draw from experiences and find ways to help and answer some of those challenges.”

If you would like to schedule a visit when I am in your area, contact the SEFA Office and I will do my best to get out to see you.  I would love to hear from our members as to their specific challenges and opportunities you would like to discuss.  Email us at


Welcome to the South Eastern Fabricare Association
Welcome to the South Eastern Fabricare Association

The South Eastern Fabricare Association is a regional trade association serving professional drycleaners and launderers throughout the Southeast.  Our coverage extends throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  SEFA is proud to be partnered with the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (formerly knows as IFI) and maintains a 100% overlapping membership.  Simply put, if you're a member of one -- you are a member of both!

We are dedicated to the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism, environmental responsibility, textile serviceability and a positive public image. In carrying out our mission, we will be guided by these principles:

  • Excellence: The highest professional and ethical standards will govern our work and our relationships with others;
  • Leadership: We will act decisively on behalf of our membership and the dry cleaning/laundering industry;
  • Collaboration: We are committed to listening to a variety of viewpoints and to building consensus within the industry;
  • Innovation: We will continually explore new avenues to provide better service to our members.

SEFA is here to make our members and the industry stronger.  We thank you for your support, and are always looking for ways to serve you better.  Feel free to contact us anytime:


South Eastern Fabricare Association
14700 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, MD 20724
Phone: 877-707-7332